Descendants of Johannes Farny

Generation No. 1

1. JOHANNES FARNY was born 1732-1762 in Germany, and died 1841 in Hancock County, Illinois. He married BARBARA GAUTSCHIN 1782 in Germany.

Notes: (From the FORNEY'S FIVE FAMILY RECORD by Charles William Forney 1931) Johannes Farny is the name as written, of the oldest Forney of this bunch we could find any record of, but nothing could be learned of his birth, or parentage, but believe he was born in Germany. His wife's name, from the best information we could get was Barbara Gautschin, whom we believe was also born in Germany. Their son, whose name is given as found on a baptismal certificate was Johann Karl Forney, and he was born January 10, 1784 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Child of Johannes FARNY and Barbara Gautschin is:

  1. JOHANN KARL2 FORNEY, b. January 10, 1784, Berks County, Pennsylvania; d. September 10, 1841, Hancock County, Illinois.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHANN KARL FORNEY (JOHANNES1 FARNY) was born January 10, 1784 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and died September 10, 1841 in Hancock County, Illinois. He married MARY M BENNER 1809 in Maryland, daughter of Daniel Benner and Catherine Ettleman.

Notes: (From the FORNEY'S FIVE FAMILY RECORD by Charles William Forney 1931) Johann Karl Forney, son of Johannes Farny and Barbara Gautschin, was born January 10, 1784 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Died September 10, 1841 in Hancock County, Illinois. Age 57 years and 8 months. Burial was in Hancock County, Illinois. He was probably married in 1863, to Mary M. Benner. She was born March 23, 1790 in Pennsylvania. Her parents were Daniel Benner and Catherine Ettleman. She died in June, 1863, at the home of her daughter, Barbara Clapper northeast of Thurman, Iowa. Her age was 73 years and 3 months. Burial was in the cemetery near Thurman, Iowa.

But little is known of the early life of JOHANN Karl Forney, Berks County, Pennsylvania is given as his birth place, but where he lived in his boyhood days and where he was married is not known to us. As will be seen by a study of his family record, some of the first children were though to have been born in Maryland, according to baptismal records, while others think they were born in Pennsylvania. However this may be, there is but little doubt that this family were nearly all members of the early Latter Day Saints' Church, as the records show, but the writer employed two expert genealogists to search the records for further information of this family of Forney's, and considerable effort was made to trace the origin of Johann Karl Forney, but nothing of great value was found by them. The baptismal certificate already described in the foregoing paragraphs has established the best chain of evidence that could be found as to his parentage.

Later they moved into Stark County, Ohio, where the remaining children were born. In 1835 they went to Missouri, and in 1839 to Illinois, where the father died in 1841 and no doubt was buried there in Hancock County. His widow came to Fremont County, Iowa in 1846. Late in life she married David C Study and they are buried side by side in the Thurman cemetery.

Children of Johann Forney and Mary Benner are:

  1. CATHERINE3 FORNEY, b. February 23, 1810, /Washington County, Maryland; d. November 8, 1848, Greensburg/Summit County, Ohio.
  2. BARBARA FORNEY, b. August 4, 1811, Little Cove/ ,Pennsylvania; d. January 23, 1904, Thurman/ , Iowa.
  3. FREDRICK FORNEY, b. October 9, 1813, / ,Pennsylvania. iv. JACOB FORNEY, b. April 17, 1816, /Stark, Ohio.
  4. ELIZABETH FORNEY, b. 1819, Stark County, Ohio; d. August 17, 1846, Hancock County, Illinois.
  5. GEORGE FORNEY, b. September 25, 1820, Clinton/Stark, Ohio.
  6. MARY ANN FORNEY, b. February 22, 1824, Massillon/Stark, Ohio.
  7. SUSAN FORNEY, b. September 12, 1826, /Stark, Ohio.
  8. HENRY FORNEY, b. March 29, 1829, Canton/Stark County, Ohio; d. May 17, 1910, Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa.
  9. SARAH FORNEY, b. March 19, 1833, /Stark, Ohio.

Generation No. 3

3. CATHERINE FORNEY was born February 23, 1810 in /Washington County, Maryland, and died November 8, 1848 in Greensburg/Summit County, Ohio. She married HENRY BEARD May 29, 1828 in UNKNOWN.

Notes: (From the FORNEY'S FIVE FAMILY RECORD by Charles William Forney 1931) Catherine Forney, who was born February 23, 1810, the place in doubt. Her parents were Joann Karl Forney and Mary M. Benner. She died November 8, 1848 at Greensburg, Summit County, Ohio. Age of 38 years, 1 month and 15 days. Burial was at Greensburg, Ohio.

Children of Catherine Forney and Henry Beard are:

  1. MARY BEARD, b. May 22, 1830.
  2. CHRISTINA BEARD, b. April 5, 1832, Green Township/Summit County, Ohio; d. May 4, 1832, Greensburg/Summit County, Ohio.
  3. SAMUEL BEARD, b. October 12, 1833.
  4. NANCY BEARD, b. November 24, 1835.
  5. OTHO HENRY BEARD, b. December 26, 1837.
  6. MARTIN LUTHER BEARD, b. September 20, 1840.
  7. ELIZABETH BEARD, b. December 5, 1842.
  8. CATHERINE BEARD, b. February 2, 1845.0

3. BARBARA FORNEY was born August 4, 1811 in Little Cove/ ,Pennsylvania, and died January 23, 1904 in Thurman/ , Iowa. She married JACOB CLAPPER 1832 in Nauvoo/ Hancock County, Illinois.

Notes: Jacob and Barbara Clapper, according to her obituary, were married in 1832 in Nauvoo/ Hancock County, Illinois, but it is the writer's belief that this is an error as the gathering at Nauvoo did not take place until after the evacuation of Missouri in the latter part of the 'thirties. The year of their marriage is correct as far as we know, but the place is uncertain.

Child of Barbara Forney and Jacob Clapper is:

  1. HENRY W CLAPPER, b. January 28, 1833, Stark County, Ohio.

  2. 3. ELIZABETH FORNEY was born 1819 in Stark County, Ohio, and died August 17, 1846 in Hancock County, Illinois. She married GEORGE SMITH January 19, 1840 in Hancock County, Illinois.

Notes: Elizabeth Forney was born in 1819 in Stark County, Ohio. Her parents were Johann Karl Forney and Mary M Benner. She died August 17,1846 at the age of 27 years. Burial was in the Stearns Cemetery in Sonora Township, Hancock County, Illinois.  Another record gives Elizabeth Forney born in 1817 and her age as twenty-nine years at her death. (quoted from: FORNEY'S FIVE FAMILY RECORDS of GENEALOGY page 143)

Children of Elizabeth Forney and George Smith are:

  1. CATHERINE4 SMITH, b. April 24, 1840, Sonora Township/Hancock County, Illinois.
  2. LEVI SMITH, b. October 20, 1841, Hancock County, Illinois; d. June 12, 1861, Hancock County, Illinois.
  3. WILLIAM HENRY SMITH, b. June 22, 1844, Hancock County, Illinois.
  4. JACOB J SMITH, b. July 11, 1846, Hancock County, Illinois; d. August 26, 1846, Hancock County, Illinois.

3. HENRY FORNEY was born March 29, 1829 in Canton/Stark County, Ohio, and died May 17, 1910 in Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa. He married MARY ANN STUDY September 4, 1856.

Children of Henry Forney and Mary Study are:

    1. GEORGE FRANKLIN4 FORNEY, b. June 4, 1857, Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa.
    2. JOHN FORNEY, b. May 31, 1859, Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa; d. July 6, 1859, Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa.
    3. DAVID HENRY FORNEY, b. September 3, 1860, Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa; d. October 9, 1860, Oklahoma.
    4. LEONARD EDWARD FORNEY, b. December 14, 1862, Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa.
    5. JACOB RILEY FORNEY, b. September 5, 1865, Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa; d. June 16, 1913, Lodi/San Joaquin County, California.
    6. BARBARA ELIZABETH FORNEY, b. December 17, 1867.
    7. JAMES ALBERT FORNEY, b. February 22, 1870.
    8. LOREN FORNEY, b. May 23, 1874, Thurman/Fremont County, Iowa; d. September 9, 1878, Thurman / Fremont County, Iowa.
    9. HIRAM WILLARD FORNEY, b. October 27, 1876.

Generation No. 4

4 JACOB RILEY FORNEY was born September 5, 1865 in Thurman /  Fremont County, Iowa, and died June 16, 1913 in Lodi / San Joaquin County, California. He married MARY FRANCES KIRKPATRICK February 22, 1891 in McPaul, Iowa. And then he married his second wife URANY CORNELIA STOOPS April 18, 1906 in Vernon  / Wilbarger County, Texas, daughter of Albert Roach and Lenora Ferguson.

Children of Jacob Forney and Mary Kirkpatrick are:

    1. CLYDE EARL FORNEY, b. 1894, Thomas/Custer County, Oklahoma; d. 1894, Thomas/Custer County, Oklahoma.
    2. ETHEL CLAIRE FORNEY, b. February 1896, Thomas/Custer County, Oklahoma; d. February 1896, Thomas/Custer County, Oklahoma.
    3. IVA INA FORNEY, b. August 1, 1897, Thomas/Custer County, Oklahoma; d. Unknown, Napa/Napa County, California; m. O. L. SHEER, Unknown.
    4. INDA ANN FORNEY, b. November 2, 1899, Thomas/Custer County, Oklahoma.
    5. JOHN HENRY FORNEY, b. April 23, 1902, Thomas/Custer County, Oklahoma; d. May 12, 1956, Napa/Napa County, California; m. EMMA MARIE WEIGHT, December 5, 1925, Glenwood/Mills County, Iowa.

Children of Jacob Forney and Urany Stoops are:

    1. JAMES FRED FORNEY, b. May 23, 1908, Thomas/Custer, Oklahoma.
    2. CHESTER VIRGIL FORNEY, b. February 17, 1910, Thomas/Custer, Oklahoma; d. Stockton/San Joaquin, California.
    3. MARJORIE JUANITA FORNEY, b. May 15, 1911, Thomas/Custer, Oklahoma; d. May 12, 1924, Berkley County, California.
    4. ALBERT RILEY FORNEY, b. November 18, 1912, Lodi/San Joaquin, California.



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